martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Pensamientos Nocturnos

Time stretches and collides with (my) memories, and whatever comes next. Creating a whole world, much bigger and deeper than anything I’d have imagined. Since the time I was born, never had such an insight to my inner thoughts, fears and dreams. Some of these will never take place on this soil, but, nevertheless, everyone should realize that this, now, is the only time we have.
There’s no point, and it’s kind of dumb, waiting for a day that might never come.
I’ve seen myself in all kinds of situations; being born, dying, feeling joy, hatred, regret, love, even nothing at all.
I’ve heard a thousand enemies whispering in my head and lurking within the darkest places of my mind.
But somehow, you should overcome everything that may come across your way. ‘Cause no one’s going to fight your secret wars, the ones that take place in You.

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