lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

To my dear and foolish mind

My dear, yet sometimes,
most of the time,
foolish mind:

I know you've got better things to offer
than all this sorrow and
sad thoughts.
You won't be shut down,
as I have hope
and faith in you.

There's so much love within,
I know, for I am you and you are me
But it doesn't have a shape,
it hasn't been seen (yet).

And now I just keep on crying,
weeping with no tears
and screaming
with no sound.

Weeping for the world and
for what we've lost;
weeping for those who
ache alone at night
and find no peace or rest
in this life or the next.

But somehow, there's some trace
of light that lingers
in the shadows.
And as the day follows the night
these times will be through

and y'all, lonesome and forlorn
shall leave your gloomy rooms
and see a bit of light.

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