martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Shooting Stars

A new day lands
on this world, which is floating
and moving endlessly
towards the unknown,
and unexpected things
we might be able to see.

I looked inside
on a quiet night, both my eyes gazing
and searching
suddenly I saw two shooting stars
burning for a moment
and fading away.

Peaceful feelings
came to my mind,
as I understood
that our troubles and worries
mean nothing at all.

By chance or choice,
the evil creatures that
used to haunt me
became no more than
shadows and ghosts
and vanished last night.

There's so many places
where I want to go,
so many words that I'd like to say
after being quiet for too long.

Deceiving myself made my soul
grow old so soon,
made my feet stumble and lose control

But somehow I've changed
and found peace when
I thought everything was lost.

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