domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

Hope and Longing

Move away from the day
you're dreading
Keep walking on the path
you chose
and stay away from those
who don't believe

that things can change
that the ones who lost
can win and dream again
that the old man can find
joy, recalling someone he used to be.

It can happen again
the blind could hear and
the deaf can see

Hearing things about to
watching the world turn
and become

what you and I hope for,
what every mother awaits
for her child

Not a world of fights and trouble
Not a place for hate and disregard.

'Cause that's no place at all,
just a bunch of kids
swimming amid the chaos
and wondering what to do.

Scream a shout of hope
that crashes into space
Longing to be free,
for everyone, for you,
that's all we ought to do.

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