domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015

The Ocean

We all are drops
that swim in the ocean
We are leaves that fall
from a single tree

Only a few look up from the ground
so they can tell the story of the seeds that were

Let the water dissolve your fears, let the tide take you to shores far away from
the city where you were born

Embrace the dream and let it go,
it has to die to be born again someday

Spare your body when it becomes
no more than a heavy weight

We'll dance and get confused by the night

Swimming through the edge of time

Like an invitation, let yourself fall and rise again, like a phoenix that was always
so afraid to loose its feathers forever

Take a trip to the day
when your mind's just a memory
and let the lion feast on your flesh

Never say "no", but say yes, with both our lips
closing in, in eternity

Truth is we all are born dead, and life stays just for a while
But, nevertheless,
I'm here, with you, and we are one
Even when we are separated

The flow of reality will take us to our
secret places, where everything is spoken
in whispers and we see the mystery

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